About Us


The Artistic Painter:

Adriana Nascimento has been drawing and painting since 1981 and stays knowledgeable of the latest professional techniques and materials.

She studied in Brazil at the School of Art “A Capela” and the National School of Drawing.

In the USA, Adriana was a member of SALI (the Stencil Artisans League Inc.) and completed classes with Victor Demasi of Monarch School of Decorative Painting; Kathy Carroll of The Chicago Institute of Decorative Finishing; Jeff Raum of Moorpark, California; and Henri Menendez of Dehuelbes Designs.

In Canada, Adriana completed classes with Jared Scot Paisley, BFA; Tatianna O’Donnell, Visual Artist at Mount Royal University; and Stephen Istvan Strain, Hungarian accomplished artist.

Adriana is a member of The Art Fusion, a group of Faux and Mural painters, decorative artists, decorators and designers.

Adriana has brought her talents to Western Australia and provides high quality and affordable work!

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