Project Process

General Process

The general process for murals and decorative art includes:

  • Initial contact
  • Consultation
  • Design, quote and sketch
  • Creation (especially for murals: wall prep, priming and base coat, if necessary, drawing, block in, detail work)

Understanding Project Pricing

Many factors are considered to estimate the final price of a project which may include:

  • Wall condition
  • Size and location of the space
  • Level of detail required
  • Style and complexity of subject matter
  • Products used
  • Total number of work hours
  • Work conditions and/or restrictions
  • Scaffolding, if required
  • Travel distance
  • Sub-contracting for additional trades

The contracted work is priced by individual project, not by the hour. Once you receive a contract for your project, the price will not change even if more time is spent than originally expected. Any alteration or deviation from the contract involving extra costs will be executed only upon authorization by the client and will become an extra charge over and above the original contract.

Projects start at $200.

Sample Sketch Fees (if necessary), $20-$50: Some projects may require a sample in order to best describe a mural or finish for an area in your home. This would be determined in the initial contact or consultation step.




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